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Cadbury launches its first paper packaging trial in New Zealand

Mondelēz International has launched its Cadbury Energy bar in 100% recyclable paper packaging, as part of an exclusive trial in New Zealand.

According to Mondelēz, the wrapper is made from sustainability sourced paper, and marks the first time the company has used a paper material that doesn’t include laminates, foils or plastic for fully sealed flow-wrap packaging.

Many paper-based food wraps have a thin plastic film to protect the product, however the Cadbury Energy paper acts as the barrier to protect food and ensure freshness, said Mondelēz.

The trial will test the durability and effectiveness of the paper packaging during transport. Meanwhile, consumers will be able to receive their free sample at Westfield Newmarket, Auckland on 21 December, where they can give feedback.

Last year, the Illinois-headquartered company announced that it will make all of its packaging recyclable by 2025, as it aims to reduce waste levels and create a circular economy for packaging.

Mondelēz also claimed that it would ensure that all paper-based packaging used by the company is sustainably sourced by 2020, and that it will provide recycling information to consumers all over the world by 2025 in order to increase global recycling rates.

Cara Liebrock, managing director of Mondelez International New Zealand, said: “We are committed to making 100% of our packaging recyclable by 2025. While Cadbury is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, we’re excited to be able to do this innovative trial here in New Zealand.

“Given this is a world-first for us and the material is at the leading edge of packaging innovation, we’re committed to finding innovative solutions to the sustainability challenges facing the planet and this trial is a great example of this.”