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Cirrus releases new CBD-infused sparkling water range

Cirrus, an Atlanta-based sparkling water company, will venture into the cannabidiol (CBD) space with a new CBD-infused sparkling water range.

The company says that Cirrus’ CBD range is the first CBD-infused water made in Georgia. The release will focus on health and wellness trends, and available flavours will reflect this.

The range will launch with two options: ‘Pure’, an unflavoured version, and ‘Waikiki’, with papaya and lychee flavours. Other flavours will be rolled out in the coming months, including grapefruit and lime, pineapple and orange, and ginger and turmeric variants.

The range of flavours is indicative of how consumers are willing to try out new, unique options when purchasing beverages.

Cirrus is also mindful of concerns surrounding healthy options, as the products are being marketed as more natural beverage options.

Jason Santamaria, co-founder of Cirrus, said: “We enjoy products made with CBD and wanted to create something that is not only natural but has zero calories and tastes great. We’re excited for our community to grab a few cans and try something completely new.”

According to Mintel’s report, ‘The Future of Carbonated Soft Drinks: 2019’, carbonated soft drinks may pose as the future of permissible treats for consumers. With the added functionality of CBD in these carbonated beverages, this could represent a new space of functional indulgence for the sector. This is due to sugar taxes reshaping the industry.