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US plant-based superfood producer Laird Superfood has expanded its line of organic Peruvian coffees with two varieties of ground coffee with functional mushrooms.

Available in dark and medium roast, Laird Superfood’s new coffee blend is infused with the extracts of three organic functional mushrooms: cordyceps, chaga and lion’s mane.

The company refers to how emerging science reports that functional mushrooms may help support overall wellness including its effects on cognition and immune support.

Laird Superfood’s Dark Roast and Medium Roast Ground Coffee joins other products in its portfolio which are paired with functional mushrooms including its hot chocolate and original creamer.

Sourced from a Peruvian coffee grower in the Andes, Laird Superfood claims its coffee beans are grown at a high altitude of more than 4,000 feet. These lower oxygen levels reportedly enable the beans to grow slower and denser which results in a ‘dynamic flavour profile’.

“The opportunity to go to the coffee farm and see how they grow the beans, how they harvest them, and how they dry them was an amazing experience,” said Laird Hamilton, co-founder of Laird Superfood.

He added: “Each farmer farms by hand in this incredibly fertile environment high in the Andes. It proved to me why they are rated as the best beans in the world. They pair epically with the power of functional mushrooms to create a powerful morning cup. I don’t know how you can grow better beans.”

The Dark Roast and Medium Roast Ground Coffee with Functional Mushrooms is compatible with pour-overs, drip coffees and espresso.

The new product launch follows a recent financing round, in which Laird Superfood secured $10 million, funded entirely by Danone Manifesto Ventures (DMV). It plans to use the capital to continue to grow its current platform, develop new offerings and expand its manufacturing campus in Oregon.