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Nestlé and Kusmi Tea collaborate to create new tea capsules

Nestlé’s Special T brand has partnered with premium tea brand Kusmi Tea to create a new range of speciality tea capsules.

The capsules will initially be available in four varieties, Anastasia, White Anastasia, Imperial Label and Be Cool, all of which are flavours in Kusmi Tea’s range of conventional tea blends.

Capsules can then be used with Nestlé’s Special T machines, relaunched by the company in 2016, which operate in a similar manner to the company’s other capsule systems, such as the Nespresso range.

Consumers first need to insert a tea capsule, and the machine will identify the variety of tea and then adjusts the water temperature and brewing time accordingly.

Catherine Bailly, business head of Special T said: “We are pleased to launch the first tea capsules that combine Kusmi Tea’s ‘savoir faire’ with the tea expertise and patented technology of Special T.

“We are confident that great innovation will ensure our growing success.”

Sylvain Orebi, CEO of Kusmi Tea added: Whether it is in loose tea format, tea bags or now in capsules, everyone will be able to enjoy Kusmi Tea in their favourite format.

“We are delighted about this partnership that will bring the best brewing system to the best tea.”

The new Kusmi Tea capsules will be available from selected stores across Europe from March 2019.