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We take a look at some of the new products hitting the shelves around the globe this month

From Coca-Cola Energy to smashed avocado tonic water, we take a look at some of the new products hitting the shelves around the globe this month.

Nestlé launches Milo without cane sugar

Nestlé Australia is launching a new version of Milo which is made without cane sugar after two years of development.

Milo 30% less added sugar contains lactose, the naturally occurring sugar in milk powder, and added sugar in the malt barley, but replaces cane sugar with stevia for sweetness, and also contains soluble corn fibre for texture.

“The new version looks, tastes and behaves like the 85 year old family favourite”,​ says Nestlé Australia.

Minute Maid Nutriforce​

Coca-Cola India has launched Minute Maid Nutriforce and Minute Maid Fruit Punch in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Minute Maid Nutriforce is made with real fruit juice and added vitamins and minerals, and has been designed for mothers who want to give their children fruit juice with added functional benefits. The drink is fortified with iron, zinc, and vitamins B2 and B12. The beverage is priced at INR 10/- for 150 ml and comes in two variants – Apple and Mixed Fruit.

Minute Maid Fruit Punch in an Indian fruit juice blend with vitamin C and magnesium. The drink is priced at INR 25/- for 200 ml, and has been created for the ‘experience seeking millennial youth’: taking inspiration from traditional Indian recipes but with a modern twist.

“The launch of new beverages is in continuation with the company’s efforts to expand its health and wellness portfolio which expands Minute Maid as a master brand offering delightful fruit nutrition,”​ says Coca-Cola India.

Contrex Mat​é​

Nestlé natural mineral water brand Contrex has launched Contrex Green in France: an organic drink infused with maté.

The drink uses organic cane sugar, natural flavors, and a ‘delicate infusion’ of organic maté. It comes in four varieties: original, lemon, lime and raspberry.

Contrex Green has launched this month in 75cl packs with a recommended retail price of €1.12.

Smashed avocado tonic water​

British soft drinks brand Lixir Tonic has launched ‘the ultimate mash-up for the foodie trendsetter’ – smashed avocado tonic water.

The tonic is made using Peruvian avocados, adding lemon peel and cayenne pepper for a robust tonic that pairs with juniper-rich gins.

“Lixir’s latest move is set to smash the competition out of the (tonic) water, by offering the influential Instagram generation everything they have avo wanted,” ​says the company. “Not only is it ripe to drink on its own, but with its nutty aroma and buttery finish, it is also delicious mixed with gin and paired with brunch dishes such as charcoal-infused pastries.”​


Everleaf, a natural non-alcoholic aperitif, has launched in the UK.

Created by bartender and conservation biologist Paul Mathew, Everleaf is made from 18 different plants, chosen to ‘impart complex and delicate flavors as well as an unrivalled texture for the NA category’. Its ingredients include vanilla and saffron for richness; gentian and iris for bitterness and earthy warmth; vetiver and orange blossom for freshness and vibrancy; and voodoo lily (konjac) for a silky mouthfeel.

The drink can be mixed with soda water or tonic to create a refreshing spritz; used as a base for cocktails; or sipped neat over ice.

Founder Paul Mathew says, “In Everleaf, I wanted to make an exceptional non-alcoholic product, firstly to give people more choice when they don’t necessarily want to drink, but also to reflect the concept of sustainability – sustainable consumption as well as ingredients that are responsibly sourced.”​

Everleaf is available in selected Sainsbury’s stores with a RRP of £18 for 50cl and is available to the on-trade.

BrewDog spirits​

Under the umbrella of The BrewDog Distilling Co., BrewDog is launching new spirits this month and throughout 2019.

The spirits include the Boilermaker Series (three limited edition whiskies designed to be paired with some of BrewDog’s craft beers); Zealot’s Heart Gin; and Rogue Wave Vodka.

Coca-Cola Energy​

Coca-Cola Ireland is releasing the first ever energy drink under the Coca-Cola brand.

Coca-Cola Energy contains caffeine from naturally-derived sources, guarana extracts and B vitamins, and is free from taurine.

The drink has been designed ‘to complement hectic adult life’.

The drink is also rolling out to the UK this month in both sugar-sweetened and sugar-free varieties, in 250ml cans.

Fanta: mango and dragonfruit​

Fanta has launched a new flavor – mango and dragonfruit – in France.

The flavor was chosen after a competition between five teams of young designers, who turned to Instagram to engage with consumers and gather support for their flavor choice.

The new launch is available as of this month in slim 33cl cans, 500ml and 1L PET bottles.

The recommended retail price for a 1L bottle is €1.69.

Bombay Sapphire’s English Countryside Gin​

Bombay Sapphire has launched a limited edition – English Estate – inspired by the landscape surrounding its Laverstoke Mill Distillery in Hampshire.

English Estate balances the familiar citrus notes of its London Dry Gin with three new botanicals; Pennyroyal mint, Rosehip and toasted Hazelnut.

“These new additions are perfectly blended to produce bright citrus notes invigorated with mint, which create a vibrant gin for the ultimate summer refreshment,”​ says the Bacardi-owned brand.

“The addition of Pennyroyal mint allows for a refreshing twist on a classic G&T. Pour over ice with premium tonic, add a sprig of mint and a wedge of lemon, and enjoy al-fresco whilst unwinding on a balmy evening. Alternatively, the subtle toasted Hazelnut notes match effortlessly with apple and ginger. Combine English Estate with premium Ginger Ale and cloudy apple juice to create The English Secret Garden, a deliciously fresh sharing cocktail that’s sure to bring glory to your garden party table.”​

Fever-Tree ginger​

Fever-Tree has launched three new ginger products in the US: smoky ginger ale; spiced orange ginger ale and a ‘refreshing light’ of its premium ginger ale.

Sourced from Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cochin (India), the variety of gingers add ‘an incredible freshness and aroma’ to complement the large variation of flavors found in spirits.

Fever-Tree USA CEO Charles Gibb said: “We see enormous opportunity for the Fever-Tree ginger range. Ginger ale represents more than half of the mixer category and is a $1.1bn market. Moreover, our selection of three different gingers from three diverse regions ensures that we deliver an authentic, dynamic and real ginger taste on the palate.​

“Our ginger expressions pair exceptionally well with whisk(e)y, as well as other aged spirits, such as Cognac, brandy and rum. These exciting and dynamic spirits categories are enjoying fantastic growth.”​

The expressions will be available nationwide in iconic bar and restaurant venues, including Bar Sardine, PDT, Saxon + Parole and RedFarm in New York City and The Anderson in Miami. It will also be sold at select specialty retailers, as well as on ReserveBar.com (SRP $5.99/200 ml 4-pack) in Spring 2019.

Rooster Rojo tequila launches in Russia​

Rooster Rojo, a premium tequila from Amber Beverage Group, is expanding into Russia and across Scandinavia.

The premium tequila market is growing at more than 15% a year. Mantas Zlatkus, Global Brand Director, Rooster Rojo tequila, said: “Our entrance into the Russian market is a very strategic step as Russia has one of the biggest tequila markets globally (2.7 million litres per year), ​while​ white spirits are very popular and tequila is starting to gain its position as a premium beverage​.”​

The blue agave tequila is also experiencing distribution growth in is established markets – USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Austria, the Netherlands and the Baltic States.

Boochcraft kombucha​

California kombucha brand Boochcraft has launched two new flavors and 12oz cans to its lineup.

The new products are hitting shelves on the West Coast this month, as well as in kegs and on tap in major cities in Northern, Central and Southern California, as well as Phoenix, Arizona and metropolitan areas of Washington and Oregon.

The two new flavors – orange pomegranate beet and lemon maple thyme – join grapefruit hibiscus heather and ginger lime rosehips. The drinks are 7% ABV, raw, organic, gluten-free and vegan.

Boochcraft recently expanded into a new 27,500 square foot premises for its brewery and offices.