Barley joins the ranks of dairy-alternative beverages

Take Two Foods has launched the world’s first barleymilk into grocery stores, coffee shops, and cafes across the Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles.

Take Two Barleymilk broke onto the plant-based milk-alternative scene in March 2020 with four flavors – Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Chef’s Blend – and is now available at more than 25 locations and online, shipping to customers nationwide.

Take Two Barleymilk contains protein, fiber and calcium, and has 50% less sugar than other flavored plant-based beverages, the company said.

Rejuvenated barley comes from spent grain, a by-product of the beer-brewing process. Billions of pounds of spent grain are produced each year by the global beer industry. Instead of going to waste or being used to feed livestock, the company said the grain can be upcycled into a nutrient-rich plant-based protein: rejuvenated barley. Take Two uses the rejuvenated barley in its Barleymilk.

“Our commitment is to craft the world’s most remarkable plant-based foods made with the highest-quality ingredients, while championing the planet’s resources. Food that tastes amazing and truly nourishes, without the environmental impact,”​ said co-founder and CEO Sarah Pool.

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