Califia Farms releases Übermilk range of oat-based beverages

US dairy-free brand Califia Farms will launch a new line of oat milk beverages, featuring plant proteins from pea, oats and sunflower seeds.

Called Übermilk, the range will be available as of spring in three varieties: unsweetened, unsweetened vanilla and chocolate.

Each beverage has 8g of plant-based protein per serving as well as eight essential amino acids and fatty acids.

The launch comes amid a heightened consumer demand for plant-based protein sources. Califia said sales of oat milk in the US are up 168% year-on-year.

Califia Farms founder and CEO Greg Steltenpohl said: “Übermilk is a leap into the next frontier. Nutritionally, Übermilk is one of the more nutrient-dense plant milks on the broader market with a powerful combination of both macro and micronutrients, and most importantly it wins on taste and texture, thanks to our naturally creamy and great-tasting oat milk serving as the base.”

The Übermilks join Califia Farms’ existing line of plant-based milks, including almond, coconut, cashew and oat variants.

Alongside the launch, Califia has revealed it is rolling out refreshed packaging for its Nitro Draft Latte range, featuring a twistable, resealable cap.

Last year, Califia secured more than $50 million in funding, enabling it to expand its manufacturing site in Bakersfield, California, and promote the launch of its range of probiotic, dairy-free yogurt drinks.

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