Carlsberg ditches plastic wrapping on six packs, in new glue technology

Carlsberg is introducing its new ‘Snap Pack’: which replaces plastic wrapping on six packs by instead gluing the cans together. Championing it as a ‘world first’ for the beer industry, Carlsberg says it will reduce the amount of plastic used in multi-packs by up to 76%.

This equates to reducing plastic waste globally by more than 1,200 tonnes a year: the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags.

The Snap Pack is one of the sustainable packaging innovations announced by Carlsberg this morning. Other projects include:

A switch to ‘Cradle-to-Cradle Certified’ silver inks on its bottle labels to improve recyclability
A new coating on refillable glass bottles to extend lifespan and therefore their environmental footprint
Caps which remove oxygen to make the beer taste fresher for longer
The new innovations will be first applied on the flagship Carlsberg brand. They are part of consumer-facing innovations in Carlsberg’s sustainability programme, Together Towards Zero.

“Carlsberg’s Snap Pack will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste, and we look forward to giving our consumers better beer experiences with less environmental impact.”​

Danone bottled water brand evian has also been ditching shrink wrap with a special adhesive to bond its PET bottles together;​​ while Carlton & United Breweries brand Cascade recently announced it would swap plastic six-pack rings​​ for cardboard secondary packaging.

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