Coffee types and how to find yours


There are many different times when good coffee is welcome: during breakfast, a morning coffee break at the office, in the afternoon while sharing how your day went… Coffee is a beverage with deep cultural roots but… do you know all the different coffee types, where these valuable grains come from or which ways you can enjoy them at home and at the office? Discover your ideal coffee!

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Coffee types: from beans to cups

The delicious and smoky taste enjoyed from a good cup of coffee comes from a process that goes beyond this moment of relaxation and relief. Coffee, coffee types, their origin and history is something that’s still a bit of a mystery today. In fact, there are many stories and legends that tell us about animals and humans using coffee beans for thousands of years…

Whatever the real history is, the liveliness caused by coffee was the key to its expansion. It’s well known that coffee activates our nervous system naturally, but whArabica coffeeat coffee types are there? Keep reading to find out. 

Coffee types

Coffee culture is especially remarkable in the European continent. In fact, in countries such as Italy coffee is a true religion. Even the most demanding gourmets can enjoy today the best coffee both at home and at their offices.

But what coffee types are best? It really depends on taste, as coffee is made and drank differently in each country, each office and each home. 

Arabica coffee

This is one of the most popular among coffee types. It’s estimated that it comes from Ethiopia although it is widely cultivated today in America. Arabica coffee contains less coffee than robusta coffee and provides a smooth taste with more digestive properties. 

Robusta coffee

A more intense coffee directly from Central Africa. Even if it’s less well-known and consumed than arabica, robusta coffee contains more caffeine. It’s very likely that you’ve already tried it: it leaves a sour taste on the palate although its perfume is less intense. 

A mix between arabica and robusta

The most common experience is that of both coffee types mentioned above mixed. The percentage of each type in the mix is what will change its body, smell, taste and even digestive properties.

What about you? How do you like coffee?

Coffee is an infusion that can be adapted to everyone’s tastes, and just like it’s possible to tell different coffee types according to their origin or taste, it’s also possible to define coffee types according to the way it’s drank. Some of the most popular ways include:

  • Espresso: the right quantity of coffee for an intense experience. It’s important to make sure of the quality of coffee, so that every nuance can be enjoyed. A double espresso or a long espresso are also possible. 
  • Ristretto: the Italian’s favourite. This presents a more concentrated version of espresso, which means less water is used to infuse coffee. 
  • Latte macchiatto: it’s obtained by adding a bit of milk to an espresso.
  • Cortado or noisette: more milk is added to an espresso. 
  • Cappuccino: a very popular way to drink coffee in Italy, in which milk foam and cocoa are added to the mix. 

What is the best way to enjoy a good cup of coffee, even in the office? Choose our Lavazza (number 1 in Italy), Edenissimo capsules (100% natural and full of taste) or Ginoka, a selection of coffee beans for the perfect Italian espresso which Eden provides to offices and has become one of our clients’ favourites.

Enjoy all the coffee types available and take a break that will provide you with the right energy. Make the most of the stimulation and focus that coffee can bring to you to make the most of your day and perform at your best.

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