Dalston’s unveils Soda Lights line with under 20 calories per can

British soft drinks brand Dalston’s has launched Soda Lights in a move to appeal to younger consumers looking for alcohol-free alternatives.

Made with no added sugar or sweeteners and under 20 calories a can, two flavours are available: real squeezed elderflower and real squeezed rhubarb. The brand has also expanded its core soda range with new fizzy rhubarb and fizzy blackcurrant variants.

Designed to complement the Classics line, the Soda Lights contain just fruit and sparkling water and are marketed as “refreshing, permissible thirst-quenchers”.

Over the last year, Dalston’s has sold more than 2 million cans of its Classic sodas. They’re stocked in over 2,500 shops across the UK and are currently growing at a rate of 148%. The brand launched into four new countries in 2018, with another six in the pipeline.

Dalston’s said that with young people reducing their alcohol intake and looking for healthier alternatives, it believes that now is the time for natural soft drinks to shine.

All four new flavours are made with British ingredients sourced by brand founder Duncan O’Brien.

“Millennials are losing their taste for sugar, and placing even more emphasis on health,” he said. “That’s why we chose to develop our new range of Lights – which we’ll be adding to, over the next few years.

“Competitors cram their ‘diet’ drinks with sweeteners or artificial flavourings which is not good for you. It was time for us to step up and show what naturally light, refreshingly fruity sodas should really taste like.”

Each of the new Soda Lights is available in the UK with a recommended retail price of £1.09.

Last year, Dalston’s introduced a line of low-calorie soft drinks and expanded its core range with three new variants.

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