Heineken introduces Dos Equis Mexican Pale Ale to off-premise

Heineken is expanding its Dos Equis Mexican Pale Ale to the off-premise in select US states after several months trialling the beer in on-premise accounts.

The beer is described as a traditional pale ale but with a Mexican twist and is said to have a hint of spicy heat on the finish.

It will be available in select US states in 12-pack bottles and cans and six-pack bottles as of February.

Heineken said it is targeting consumers who drink both mainstream and craft beers and who seek easy-to-drink craft varieties made by reputable brands they know.

Dos Equis brand manager Lindsay Certilman said: “Dos Equis is putting a fresh and interesante spin on product innovation. When we think pale ale, we think IPA. With the use of citrus hops and peppers, Dos Equis is taking the pale ale brewing process and adding a Mexican twist that delivers a fresh, subtly spicy taste.

“Off-premise distribution is a playground for beer enthusiasts to experiment with new brews, and thus offers us a perfect opportunity to engage with beer lovers looking for an interesting play on tradition.”

With off-premise distribution and marketing efforts focused in the core Dos Equis markets of Texas and New Mexico, the national launch will be supported with features and displays, high-impact merchandising materials, consumer sampling (where legal) and local media.

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