Kellogg’s creativity and limited edition beers

The UK and New Zealand arms of the global cereal giant have teamed up with artisanal breweries to create two limited edition beers from its breakfast cereals to reduce food waste. Kellogg’s UK has teamed up with Seven Bro7hers Brewery to create a limited edition brew – called Throw Away IPA – made from Kellogg’s Corn Flakes produced at its Manchester cereal factory that do not pass Kellogg’s strict quality control as they’re either too big, too small or overcooked.

Meanwhile, Kellogg’s New Zealand collaborated with Auckland-based Hallertau to launch a limited edition Crunchy Nut-inspired beer, which also highlights just how versatile breakfast cereal can be.

Fun intiatives

“Kellogg’s is always exploring different and sustainable ways to reduce food waste in its factories. So it is great to be involved in such a fun initiative with a local supplier,”​ said Kate Prince, corporate social responsibility manager for Kellogg’s UK.

“Kellogg’s is working hard to eliminate food waste in our manufacturing processes and give our consumers the wholesome products they love with minimum impact on the planet. Our approach has delivered a 12.5% reduction on food waste in our UK sites this year.”​

The UK company teamed with Salford-based Seven Bro7hers Brewery to create an IPA from the rejected flakes.

Throw Away IPA – which took the brothers two weeks to perfect – uses 60kg of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes to replace 30% of the wheat grain in the beer mix. During the ‘mash’ process, the brewer claims the cereal sweetens the taste.

The resulting 5% ABV brew retains the golden color of the iconic breakfast cereal and is available in cans and on draft in Seven Bro7hers Brewery hangouts as well as stockists of the brewer in Manchester, UK.

Kellogg’s will donate £0.10 ($0.12) from each can purchased to food distribution charity, FareShare.

Nothing nutty about this

And down under, Kellogg’s New Zealand’s collaborative endeavour on the Hallertau Crunchy Nut Soule Ale promises a ‘refreshing and irresistibly tasty experience’.

According to Stephen Plowman, captain of Beer at Hallertau Brewery, lactose was added to the ale to give it a milky finish, while “the use of local kiwifruit, peanuts and honey… really captures the irresistible taste of Crunchy Nut.”​

“We know that Kiwis love breakfast cereals at all times of the day – now Crunchy Nut fans can have one of their favorite cereals for breakfast and then enjoy the unique Crunchy Nut taste in their afternoon or evening cold ale,”​ said Ben O’Brien, country manager of Kellogg’s New Zealand.

The Hallertau Crunchy Nut Sour Ale is now available on tap for a limited time only, at Hallertau Brewery and selected outlets in Auckland, New Zealand.

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