Martini Fiero: Bacardi introduces orange-flavoured vermouth in UK

Bacardi has expanded its Martini brand of vermouth with a new orange variant as it responds to consumer demands for bold-flavoured, brightly coloured drinks.

Called Martini Fiero, the 14.9% ABV beverage is made with a blend of white wines, Spanish oranges grown in Murcia and botanicals artemisia absinthium and artemisia pontica.

The drink’s zesty, bittersweet orange flavour has been crafted to pair specifically with tonic water. Bacardi said the simple 50/50 serve answers the growing consumer appetite for longer, more refreshing ways to enjoy vermouth as part of the aperitivo occasion.

Martini master herbalist Ivano Tonutti said: “Creating Martini Fiero was an exercise in balance. From a botanical point of view, it was essential to harmonise the vibrant citrus notes of the Murcia orange peel with the bitterness and herbal aromatics of the artemisia alongside the many other botanicals, which in turn had to sit happily alongside the quinine in tonic.”

Beppe Musso, Martini master blender, added: “We also worked hard to ensure the intense flavours of our white wine and citrus core would come through when the tonic is added. We are proud of the result – a modern vermouth with a distinctive bittersweet orange flavour that comes to life when paired with tonic. Martini Fiero is the ideal drink for the modern aperitivo.”

‘Fiero’ means ‘proud’, ‘intense’ and ‘bold’ in Italian, reflecting the flavourful character of the vermouth, Bacardi said.

With an investment of £2 million behind the brand in its first year, Marini Fiero represents the biggest new product launch Martini has undertaken in recent years.

Earlier this month, Bacardi extended its namesake rum range in the UK with Bacardi Spiced, a 35% ABV spirit is made with gold rum mellowed in American oak for a “hint of smokiness”.

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