Mike’s Hard Lemonade launches Mike’s Hard Freeze


Chicago-based Mike’s Hard Lemonade announced the launch of its Mike’s Hard Freeze. In response to fans’ love for nostalgic flavors, Mike’s Hard Freeze brings back the 90’s, with a throwback of slushy flavors, the company says. “New Mike’s Hard Freeze delivers all the flavor without the brain freeze,” said John Shea, chief marketing officer of Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co, in a statement. “Mike’s Hard Freeze was inspired by 90’s nostalgia with throwback flavors, colors and packaging. As a first for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, we crafted four refreshing, delicious and sessionable flavors to create a taste experience that brings back that 90’s nostalgia.”

All four flavors will be available in a 12-can variety pack. Blue Freeze and Red Freeze also will be available in 23.5-ounce single-serve cans, the company says. Mike’s Hard Freeze is 5% ABV and comes in four refreshing flavors:

Blue Freeze: Tastes just like your favorite melted blue raspberry slushy flavor. The balance of sweetness and tartness makes it very refreshing and sessionable.

Red Freeze: Tastes just like the classic red cherry berry slushy you remember, now liquified. Perfectly balanced sweetness and tartness for super refreshment.

White Freeze: Inspired by an indulgent, chilled creamsicle flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness.

Pink Freeze: Tastes like your favorite frosty pink lemonade slushy with a refreshing, juicy lemonade flavor.

To celebrate the release of Mike’s Hard Freeze, the brand also is launching a fun, integrated campaign that aims to transport consumers back to the 90’s through a mix of social, digital and influencer content and live events from now through the summer.

Mike’s Hard Freeze will be pulling consumers into the 90’s through the Freeze Factory, a magical place where the colors, flavors and influences of the 90’s are infused into every can of Mike’s Hard Freeze: Boy Band:15, it says.

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