Newamstar Edible Oil Filling Machine has been successfully launched in JIUSAN

Edible oil is indispensable in households’ daily life. The edible oil market nowadays is competitively abound with various kinds of oil.

No matter how oil brands do the marketing, edible oil emerges on people’s tables as oil that is safe and healthy, which is the most concerned aspect in people’s minds.

In recent years, sales of JIUSAN oil come to a booming. With the words of mouth on the edible oil market, the increasing trend of oil filling lines in JIUSAN is a must to increase its market share. JIUSAN requests a high requirement for filling machines, especially the filling precision, due to the oil attribute and the higher price compared with other same products in the market. Therefore, the dosing filling is usually applied in the edible oil sector, and sub-sectors within dosing filling include volume type filling (mechanical), flow rate filling, weighing type filling. JIUSAN made the decision to take the weighing type method in line with its oil property, after repeated comparison.

According to the market development trend of edible oil packaging, Newamstar developed and invented the intelligent rotary edible oil filling machine with weighing type filling method which has its own core technology, based on years experience of research, technology development, and manufacture. The weighing type edible oil machine involves filling and capping, gravity and non–contact filling method is used. The filling valve is specially designed for edible oil products. The debut of the newly designed edible oil filling machine in JIUSAN got a success in a month’s consecutive operation, each filling index meets the standard, which acquired customers’ acceptance. The weighing type edible oil filling machine is another harvest since the success of the soybean sauce filling machine in Newamstar.

In the initial designing period, the focus of the edible oil filling machine is mainly on how to solve the leaking problem on the filling valve, the precision of filling, the splashing problem, and how to fill oil more intelligently. Newamstar began its exploration to investigate and survey in edible oil filling technology field, and to design the innovative filling valve. The two-pass cylinder and the unique slow–flow core wing design achieve the goal of filling speed adjustment from slow – quick to slow, which can ensure stable and precise filling. The filling tolerance of filling in JIUSAN is less than 5 grams. The creative slow-flow core wing can also solve the problem of splashing since it can provide drainage function when the valve is opening and closing. The siphon principle is also applied to the valve to absorb oil adhere to the valve head. Additionally, a sealing sphere made of special material can have better surface tension to ensure the oil is not easily dropped. These two new technologies have solved the problems indicated above and made a big breakthrough in the packaging industry.

With respect to electrical control, Newamstar created a customized and modularized software for JIUSAN, according to the attribute of edible oil filling, humanized operation requirements, and several––spot trials and certifications. This set of software is easy for the operator to learn, which is stable, reliable, and intelligent in the whole filling process. The operational system adopts touch screen operation, which is easy to use with high automation. Advantages of the control system are as below: no bottle no filling, the online test of filling precision, alarming of continual overproof, different parameter sets for different kinds of bottles (automatic saving), stop of a defective filling station, and no bottle for defective filling station, fault self – diagnosis function which can ensure the machine be shut down when the fault is detected. All these advantages can alleviate staff’s workload and received high evaluation from JIUSAN.

At present, the weighing type edible oil filling machine in Newamstar has been a leader in the Chinese market. Regarding function and application, the machine has already been parallel to and even surpassed edible oil filling types of machinery imported from abroad. Now, Newamstar is confident to explore the edible oil market proactively in the future.

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