In recent years, with the release of “Made in China 2025” and the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry as a whole, intelligent manufacturing has accelerated its development, and many segments have given birth to new opportunities. The penetration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things into the industrial field has led to a number of advanced manufacturing companies, including Newamstar, launching the field of intelligent logistics and ushered in a new change in manufacturing.

From the concept of “stereoscopic warehouse for bottles”, to the advent of stereoscopic storage system for packaging materials such as preforms and caps, to the launching of intelligent storage systems, to the comprehensive advancement of intelligent logistics, Newamstar, leading step by step, has kept pace with times and stepped out of a road of successful innovation and development. With continuous efforts and upgrading, Newamstar has been striving to promote the deeper development of the industry, and providing customers with greater application value.

RGV(Rail Guided Vehicle)

In 2017, Newamstar upgraded the automation for stereoscopic storage system, and fully entered the field of intelligent logistics. We created an intelligent logistics system led by intelligent stereoscopic warehouse, rail-guided vehicle (RGV), material conveying AGV and warehouse management system (WMS), so a new automated management system featuring product life cycle management, process management and information management was born. Looking into the future, Newamstar has brought extensive prospects and application value to the development of intelligent logistics system in beverage production factories, and provided technical support for further exploration and extension.

The intelligent warehouse can complete the automatic inbound and outbound operation of unitized goods under the control of computer system, and realize the rationalization of high-level placement in the stereoscopic warehouse by utilizing the cooperation of the automatic storage device and computer management system.

RGV is the main conveying equipment of automatic stereoscopic warehouse. Coupled with rack, pallet conveyor, and inbound and outbound platforms, RGV can realize the horizontal conveying for empty or loaded pallets. Powered via slide wire and positioned by bar code or laser, RGV can move on pre-defined rails in order to connect various logistics nodes. With features such as high speed, flexibility, simplicity and easy maintenance, RGV can replace the complex and inflexible conveyor system in some logistics solutions.

AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)

AGV is used exclusively for material conveying. Equipped with automatic guidance system, AGV can move on the pre-defined routes and convey materials from staring point to destination automatically without manual guiding. AGV adopts magnetic stripe, laser or bar code in its automatic guidance system. Without rails on the ground, we can ensure ground level and logistics smoothness.

Warehouse Management System has functions such as inbound operation, outbound operation, goods transfer, inventory transfer and virtual warehouse management. Through integrated management systems such as integrated batch management, material correspondence, inventory counting, quality inspection management, virtual warehouse management, and real-time inventory management, it effectively controls and tracks the entire process of logistics and cost management of warehouse operations, achieving a complete enterprise warehouse information management. The system can perform inventory operations independently and can be used in conjunction with other systems’ documents and vouchers to provide more complete and comprehensive business process and financial management information.

With the increase of land and labor costs, there is more and more demand for new intelligent storage systems in manufacturing-type enterprise. Newamstar can incorporate the experience of previous turnkey projects into customized design, and combine the characteristics of products, the requirements of inbound and outbound, and characteristics of plants and logistics form to design stereoscopic stacker-type warehouse, shuttle board intensive warehouse, or main-and-sub shuttle-type intensive warehouse to maximize the interests of customers. Newamstar can also perform analogue simulation to achieve precise design of stereoscopic warehouse according to years of experience in the design, manufacture and operating of high-speed and ultra-high-speed production lines. Meanwhile, Newamstar can equip the jacking-type or conveying-type AGV smart vehicle and unmanned intelligent forklift to help customer realize the building of the digital smart factory. In the factory layout design, the application of advanced concept of smart factory has integrated the pre-treatment system, blowing-filling-capping combiblock system, secondary packaging system, and stereoscopic storage system, which can help us improve the overall operational efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and achieve fast and reliable traceability of food safety to meet the needs of food enterprises for intelligent logistics.

In the integrated solution of Newamstar Smart Factory, the devices in the intelligent logistics system are not operated separately and isolated, but connected through the Internet of Things and internet technology to exchange information and make decisions in an all-round way. Therefore, we can ensure the high efficiency and transparency of the entire system, while also maximize the function of each device. Moreover, in terms of hardware and layout, the layout adjustment and system adjustment possibilities brought by future changes in production status are also considered to meet the flexible requirements of production.

Newamstar Intelligent Logistics System

With intelligent, networked, flexible, energy-saving, green and environmental-friendly becoming the new features of the intelligent logistics system, Newamstar provides customers with a full traceability system and help customers achieve precise marketing in order to meet the new needs of customized and “one bottle, one code” food production. Newamstar production line can form the case code for grouped bottles through the plain code scanning system, and form the code package during palletizing and achieve full coding inbound together with pallets. When WMS performs the outbound according to ERP, we can track the sales territory of each bottle through code, and realizes the precise marketing demand for single bottle through the plain code and the secret code translation system.

When General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the Meeting of the Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering, he delivered an important speech to stress that if China wants to be strong and prosperous, we must vigorously develop science and technology and strive to become the world’s major scientific center and innovation highland. The full launch and operation of Newamstar intelligent logistics system will achieve technical docking of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, and will be an important bargaining chip for participating in international competition.

With the courage to overcome difficulties, efforts for excellence, and concept of scoring lasting victories, Newamstar, standing on the world stage with confidence, will pass on the power of innovation and make endorsements for “Made in China”. 

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