Newamstar’s smart bottle unscrambler: Innovative application of Smart Packaging

It is necessary to push out new products to save labor costs, improve automation and speed up production capacity.

The spider hand bottle unscrambler, was tailor-made by Newamtar for China’s washing industry leader NICE. It is through intelligent control system to provide the bottle unscrambler a pair of wise eyes, a smart brain and a pair of agile hands, to provide customers with high-speed stable production technology for special shaped bottles.

It is through the industrial camera vision system to identify differences in product grasping position, rotation angle, as well as front and back side changes in the bottle body. After calculated by the intelligent advanced algorithmic program, the spider hand can receive action instructions. According to the instructions, spider hand conducts smart synchronization grasping to the product, and at the same time track simultaneously with the flip system, then complete the special shaped bottle-sorting process in cooperation with bottle flow conveying system. The image acquisition, processing and communication functions are integrated into the vision system, providing a functional, modular, highly reliable, and easy-to-implement machine vision solution. At the same time, due to the application of the latest DSP, FPGA and mass storage technology, the degree of intelligence has been dramatically improved.

After Newamstar spider arm bottle unscrambler was installed and put into use at the NICE Chengdu plant, it was highly praised by customers. The comprehensive test results show that in terms of efficiency and bad bottle rate, the spider arm smart bottle unscrambler has a significant improvement over the traditional bottle unscrambler. With quick response and stable grasping, and almost zero scratch of bottle surface, it is able to retain the shape and quality of the empty bottle. At the same time, reducing the spider’s hand action, that is, canceling the vertical flip 90 degrees action, only to complete the action of picking up the bottle, putting the bottle back. The machine only needs to suck the empty bottles and flat place the bottles at working station, and finally hold the laid Empty bottles upright onto the conveyer through mechanical device.

The reduction of this action improves the service life of the servomotor, greatly reduces the equipment cost for the customer, and reduces the equipment footprint. The precise cooperation of the systems in smart bottle unscrambler also greatly reduces the labor cost for customers. It is believed that after the spider arm bottle unscrambler brought special shaped bottle sorting into smart mode, its market application will shine, not only promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, but also promote the technological progress of the industry.

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