On June 10, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government held the Science and Technology Award Conference. At the meeting, the project of Newamstar “Key Technology and Intelligent Complete Equipment for High-efficiency and Energy-saving Aseptic Combibloc” won the second prize of the 2019 Jiangsu Science and Technology Award.

The award is reviewed by the Provincial Science and Technology Award Review Committee and submitted to the provincial government for approval. It is given to personnel and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological progress and economic and social development of our province. It not only shows the level of regional innovation, but also encourages the vast number of workers across the province to overcome difficulties and climb the peak bravely. Meanwhile, it also provides solid support for promoting high-quality development and building a new Jiangsu featuring “strong economy”, “rich people”, “beautiful environment” and “high level of social civilization”.

Promote development and create the future with technology. The award has further encouraged the innovation enthusiasm of Newamstar and strengthened the confidence and determination to take the path of innovation-driven development. We will continue to pursue excellence and surpass, focus on key core technologies and improve independent innovation capabilities. We will accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the in-depth integration of technology and economy, actively seize the commanding heights of scientific and technological competition and future development and make positive contributions to the blooming development of the province’s scientific and technological undertakings and the advancement of Chinese industries to the high-end of the global value chain!

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