Retal’s new high grip closure reduces plastic use for beverages

Retal showcased its new high grip closure design at BrauBeviale 2018, which enabled customers and potential partners to discover more options for plastic reduction in their beverage packaging.

Retal’s high grip closure is the same height as a standard closure, at 19.85mm, but is more lightweight at 2.45g, saving around 1.3g of weight per bottle. This is due to the way the closures are manufactured, with the deeper grooves distributing the weight further across a taller surface area.

The innovative design not only uses less plastic, but enhances the grip for consumers, particularly for those of older generations. Another benefit of the 1881 PCO standard high grip is that it retains its rigidity due to the height.

This also eases processes for co-packers as they can reuse existing stacking trays designed for standard 1810 specifications, furthering the case for sustainability.

Jean-Noel Boursiez, Retal’s closures sales director explained: “We worked closely with the market-leader bottle filling company to create a functional solution that delivers high market acceptance thanks to its consumer-friendly attributes such as being easy to open and grip.”

Retal also showcased its new container solution, a new 160ml PET thermostatic jar that is suitable for baby food and dairy solutions such as yoghurt products.

This PET container was specially designed for its customer Danone. Anton Sugoniaev, the beverage packaging expert for Retal’s R&D, said: “Our packaging solution is for a heritage yoghurt product that is a true embodiment of Russian family traditions, so we were excited for the challenge to work together on this important innovation.”

The new addition to Retal’s container solutions means that consumers will be able to get a visible idea of what’s inside the product, which will be especially beneficial to baby food products as complete transparency is key to that particular market.

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