Senezhskaya uses Ball slim cans for new flavoured water range

Russian mineral water brand Senezhskaya has launched a range of flavoured water in slim cans made by Ball Corporation.

The line is aimed at consumers between the ages of 20 and 45 and is available in two flavours: lemon and mint, and raspberry.

Senezhskaya opted for 25cl slim cans as it moves away from PET packaging to cans or glass for its entire beverage portfolio. Produced at Ball’s Naro-Fominsk plant in Russia, the cans have also been used to create an on-shelf appeal.

Alexander Ivashkin, sales director for Senezhskaya, said: “Besides its convenience and visual appeal, we highly appreciate the sustainability credentials of the modern aluminium can, being almost infinitely recyclable with no loss in quality, preventing landfill and water pollution.

“The source of Senezhskaya water is a glacial spring and is estimated to be 145 million years old. We highly depend on a healthy environment and put sustainability first. This is why we are converting all our beverage products filled in PET and glass to cans.”

Irina Dolyanovskaya, business development and sales manager Russia at Ball, added: “The dynamic development of water in cans abroad infers great potential for growth in Russia. Unlike standard PET packaging and glass, the aluminium can is both air- and water-tight, keeps the product carbonised longer, protects the beverage against sunlight, stays cooler for longer, and most importantly, preserves the fresh taste.

“This makes cans the package of choice for the growing packaged water category – especially for on-the-go consumption, which is a growing trend among Russia’s younger generation.”

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