Water Works debuts aloe-coco combo and cartoned spring water

UK beverage brand Water Works has expanded its line of tree sap waters with a new aloe coco variant, and has also launched a line of carton-packed spring waters as pressure on plastic packaging continues to mount.

The better-for-you brand, which already produces cactus and watermelon water, is combining “the hydrating benefits of coconut water and the soothing effects of aloe vera” in its new drink.

It will aim the AloeCoco water at front-of-store chillers but, as the drinks are aseptically packed in 330ml Tetra Pak cartons, they can be stored ambient.

Ashil Vaghela, creator and co-founder of Water Works, told beverage-industry.com: “We opted for a coconut water from the Philippines, which has a subtle yet pleasant flavour when compared to what is commonly available from Thailand. We fortified this with pulp-free aloe vera to create this tasty and nourishing functional beverage which we feel sits well within the range.”

The brand is also responding to consumer pressure over plastic waste by launching a natural spring water in carton packaging, available in two sizes: 330ml and 1 litre.

“By choosing to fill Tetra Pak cartons instead of bottles or cans, we are able to send multiple times more empty units in one truck,” Vaghela continued. “This is because cartons can be sent flat-packed to take up less space, whereas bottles and cans have to be sent fully formed.

“Whereas other brands fill abroad and then ship their water over to the UK, we source local spring water, which helps us to further minimise our impact on climate change. By using a cap which is derived from sugarcane, we have further increased the content of renewable materials in our packaging.

Beyond the improvement in environmental performance versus other formats, the cartons also help keep the water crisp and fresh, since the packaging effectively blocks out light and air.

Vaghela founded the Water Works brand in 2017 along with business partner Khaled el Yafi, who is also the founder of The Berry Company, which makes a line in juices and teas.

The waters are positioned as healthier alternatives to sugary soft drinks, inspired by the rise in alternative waters with similar functional and hydration benefits to coconut water.

“We drew inspiration from the US, which is the pioneering market for alternative waters and functional beverages,” Vaghela said.

As well as adding to the plant-derived water range with the new aloe and coconut combination, Water Works’ latest carton-packed spring waters show that the brand is tuned in to consumer opinion: pressure on plastic has mounted in the face of uncontrollable levels of post-consumer waste, and now the prospect of government intervention is growing.

The European Union (EU) has banned single-use plastics from 2021 and the UK government has opted to introduce a tax on them, which will come into effect a year later.

Recyclable formats, like beverage cartons, have benefited enormously as a result.

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